Product Info & How-To Tips:

  • Item #: R7602
  • Lead Time: 4 weeks
  • Standard Colors: Green or Blue with Pewter accents or Red (Solid) with Black frame.
  • The Eco Dog Walk Ramp is a classic dog park agility component; it requires your dog to walk up an elevated ramp, across the narrow platform and down the other side.
  • No need to dig concrete footers! The EcoDog™ components feature one base with several easy installation options: They are stable enough for portable use in seasonal parks or rooftops, and can easily be drilled to accommodate landscape stakes or anchor bolts for more permanent installations.
  • While some dogs may easily negotiate the ramps, most dogs will need some encouragement or a treat.
  • Because the ramps are relatively narrow in comparison, be sure your dog masters the A-Frame before trying the more challenging Dog Walk.

Material Specifications:

  • The Eco Dog Walk Ramp features two 8′ inclined ramps and a 4′ flat traverse, all manufactured with rust-proof heavy gauge aluminum (same dimensions and incline as our 6402). Ramp width is 20″ wide so that dogs can build confidence on the elevated surfaces.
  • Features 4″x 4″ base support posts at the bottom of the ramps for additional stability.
  • Extra-wide base feet extend out 12″ for multiple mounting options.
  • Portable, Surface Mount or Semi-Permanent (landscape stakes).
  • Features 85% recycled aluminum planks and 100% recycled LDPE bases which offers a limited lifetime warranty against warping, cracking, rotting, splitting and damage from insects.
  • All walking surfaces are solid, free of step strips (which are unnecessary and only used if walking surface is slippery) and coated with PawsGrip, a highly textured coating to help provide slip resistance. The Dog Walk Ramp is also sealed with an additional polymeric top coat (PTC) for graffiti resistance and UV protection from fading.
  • All hardware is stainless steel and vandal-resistant.
  • Some assembly required.