Eco-conscious, comfortable, and convenient, this table is built to last with steel-reinforced recycled plastic planks and a welded steel frame.

  • Recycled Plastic Planks
  • Rigid Welded Frame
  • Tip-Resistant Extra-Wide Bent Leg Design
  • 2 3/8″ O.D, 11 Gauge Pipe
  • 3 x 2 x 3/16″ Steel Angle Top and Seat Cleats
  • 1 5/16″ O.D. Cross Brace

Comfortable seating is a requirement in any public or private area that expects individuals to hang around for longer than a few minutes. Whether you need seating in a park or near a sports complex, it is important to keep the comfort of your guests in mind.

The J2 series of plastic tables are built with ease of use in mind. We use a walk-thru design that is combined with welded rigidity that can stand up to rough use. Guests can conveniently walk through the table to find their seats so every age and height will be able to easily slide in and find their seats. The wide surface area on top provides ample room for whatever your guests may need. From party favors to food and drinks, these tables can handle it all.

Our plastic tables are made of the highest-quality recycled materials to create a comfortable plank seat that is also environmentally friendly. We believe in doing what we can to help save our planet while serving the needs of our customers. Despite using recycled materials, our plastic tables are built to last. Each table we produce is reinforced with steel angles and braces to provide superb stability and endure heavyweight. We insert steel reinforcing inside each plank so there is nothing extra below the tabletop.

Better still, with the colors available, our plastic tables can fit any style and regulation. Even the strictest neighborhoods and business branding can find a J2 series plastic table to fit their needs. No HOA guidelines can deny the look, feel, functionality, and color of these tables!