Product Info & How-To Tips:

  • Item #: 7260
  • Lead Time: 3-4 weeks
  • The Dog-ON-It-Parks Fire Hydrant is a dog’s best friend, and the dog park equivalent of the office water cooler!
  • The hydrant is a great place for dogs to meet each other and get the update on all the other pups in the park.
  • Ideal for airport pet relief areas, pet-friendly businesses, animal hospitals and any place dogs are welcome.
  • Our fire hydrant is cast from an authentic hydrant using a high-strength fiberglass resin, so it looks real but is resistant to rust.
  • Interested in a special color?  No problem – just provide us with a Pantone or RGB number and we’ll match it.
  • Custom hydrant: 100% unique to your park or community with a vinyl logo clear coated and sealed onto the hydrant. Note: must provide print quality high-res image and vertical logos work best!

Material Specifications:

  • The Fire Hydrant is rotationally cast using glass-fiber-reinforced resin, with an acrylic color coat and hand-painted accents.
  • Approximate dimensions are 32″ high x 19″ wide, with a 12″ diameter base.
  • Base is factory drilled to accept (4) stainless-steel anchor bolts, up to ½-inch diameter. Anchor bolts not included due to the various installation options.