Professional and performance-driven. The Deluxe European Club Soccer Goal features an all-aluminum construction that meets NFHS regulations and is all-surface friendly. For safety purposes, this goal is engineered with the Kwik Lock® Net System and includes sturdy net clips for a completely secured net. The European-style backstays give this goal an international look.

8′ x 24′ Swivel Wheels
8′ x 24′
7′ x 21′
6.5′ x 18.5′
6.5′ x 12.5′
4.5′ x 9′
4′ x 6′
3mm, 3 1/2″ mesh, white net (3B6826)
Net Support Strap (10B4406)
Kwik Lock® Net Clips (10B31)
4 semi-permanent ground anchors (10B103)