Traverse Bay buildings start from a simple 8′ x 16′ timber wall footprint called a bay. This bay can be configured numerous ways to house a project’s needs. Multiple 8′ x 16′ layouts can be combined, expanded or reduced and configured to create a building as unique as every project. Four roof line options are available on most Traverse Bay buildings: Low Pitch Beam (standard), Monoslope, Two-Tier and Split Gable.

Standard features

  • Bay layouts shown are for 6 common uses and start with an 8′ x 16′ enclosed footprint
  • Custom bay layouts are available
  • Bays can be used alone, combined, expanded and configured in various ways to accommodate any project
  • Four roofline options available on most buildings: Low Pitch Beam, Monoslope, Two-Tier and Split Gable
  • Additional/Optional Bays for storage, laundry rooms, concessions, showers,, garage or other available as needed