The grooming industry’s first ADA compliant dog grooming tub is now available for anyone managing a commercial or residential building that accommodates all users.

With better access and the ability to do the job you love, the  ADA Elite Bathing Tub features all the conveniences a groomer wants and needs. This 5” deep tub with tall legs enables anybody in a wheelchair access to the tub. We’ve also lowered the faucet/sprayer for an easy reach, along with adding restraints to the front of the tub for an easy latch.

Named  “Elite” because that’s exactly what it is. It features a fully welded design, constructed of polished 304-grade stainless steel – double sealed to guarantee a lifetime of abundant use. Our heavy-duty exterior spray coating protects your tub and is applied in your choice of our five select colors.

The Lift & Slide steps allow for the animals’ ease of access and smoothly slides underneath the tub for your convenience. It has high backsplash and sidewalls to protect against splashed and shaken water. ADA compliant options are available for all your public space needs. All of our ADA compliant equipment meets the requirements outlined in the 2010 ADA Compliance Standards Guideline.

ADA Plumbing Kit Available